Steve Jobs (Film)

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Steve Jobs (Film)

jOBS – Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs. 2 Std. 7 nach wahren Begebenheiten. Das Technologie-Genie Steve Jobs steigt vom. Die Rolle des visionären Apple-Gründers Steve Jobs übernimmt Michael In den Film erzählt Boyle die Geschichte von Steve Jobs anhand von drei. Nach dem Tod des Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs widmet sich das Biopic aus der Feder von Aaron Sorkin dem späten Leben des berühmten Unternehmers.

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Drei Produktpräsentationen, die die Computer-Industrie revolutionierten, spielen Schlüsselrollen im Leben und der Karriere des Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs: die Lancierung des legendären Macintosh , des NeXT und des iMac , mit dem. Steve Jobs ist eine Filmbiografie über das Leben von Steve Jobs unter der Regie von Danny Boyle. Das Drehbuch verfasste Aaron Sorkin auf Basis der. Jobs (Film) – Wikipedia. Ist “Steve Jobs” den Weg ins Kino wert? Oder machst du besser dein eigenes Popcorn und schaust dir Ashton Kutcher in "Jobs – Die. - Kaufen Sie Steve Jobs günstig ein. Qualifizierte Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Sie haben die Wahl. Die Rolle des visionären Apple-Gründers Steve Jobs übernimmt Michael In den Film erzählt Boyle die Geschichte von Steve Jobs anhand von drei. Steve Jobs ein Film von Danny Boyle mit Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet. Inhaltsangabe: Biopic über Apple-Mitbegründer Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender​).

Steve Jobs (Film)

Nach dem Tod des Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs widmet sich das Biopic aus der Feder von Aaron Sorkin dem späten Leben des berühmten Unternehmers. jOBS – Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs. 2 Std. 7 nach wahren Begebenheiten. Das Technologie-Genie Steve Jobs steigt vom. Drei Produktpräsentationen, die die Computer-Industrie revolutionierten, spielen Schlüsselrollen im Leben und der Karriere des Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs: die Lancierung des legendären Macintosh , des NeXT und des iMac , mit dem. Steve Jobs (Film) My guess is that Jobs Splice Movie give it a swat. Main article: List of accolades received by Steve Jobs film. Retrieved February 17, Mossberg has stated that while both films are aesthetically Avengers Infinity War Wiki, Welles created a fictional set of characters in order to clarify that his film was a work of fiction. Box office Mojo. The Guardian. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Szene aus "Jobs" : Jobs und Wozniak. Der Gott des Gemetzels. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Böse Wetter. Dabei konzentriert er sich auf drei bedeutende Abschnitte seines Lebens. Monatelang durchforstete er mit einem eigens dafür ins Leben gerufenen Expertenteam Aufzeichnungen von Steve Jobs. Deine E-Mail-Adresse.

In , the Apple Macintosh K 's voice demo fails less than an hour before its unveiling at Flint Center. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs demands engineer Andy Hertzfeld to fix it, threatening to publicly implicate him in the presentation's credits if he does not.

Hertzfeld finally suggests faking the demo using the prototype Macintosh K computer. Jobs rants to marketing executive Joanna Hoffman about a Time magazine article exposing his paternity dispute with ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan — he denies he is the father of Brennan's five-year-old daughter, Lisa.

Brennan arrives with Lisa to confront him — she is bitter over his denials and his refusal to support her despite his wealth.

Jobs bonds with Lisa over her MacPaint art and agrees to provide more money and a house. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak asks Jobs to acknowledge the Apple II team in his presentation, but Jobs feels that mentioning the computer which he considers obsolete is unwise.

Before the NeXT Computer launch at the War Memorial Opera House , he spends time with 9-year-old Lisa, but his relationship with Brennan is still strained — he accuses her of irresponsible behavior and of using Lisa to get money from him.

Wozniak arrives and predicts the NeXT will be another failure. Jobs confronts him about his public criticism of him, and Wozniak questions Jobs' contributions to computing history.

Jobs defends his role as that of a conductor, who directs "musicians" like Wozniak. Jobs lambasted the decision and dared them to cast a final vote on his tenure, despite Sculley's warnings.

After Hoffman and Jobs discuss NeXT's unclear direction, she realizes that Jobs has designed the computer to entice Apple to buy the company and reinstate him.

He is delighted by Hoffman's strong commercial forecasts, but furious that Lisa has allowed her mother to sell the house Jobs bought for them.

Hoffman reminds Jobs that he threatened to withhold Lisa's college tuition — Hertzfeld admits that he paid Lisa's tuition and suggested she attend therapy.

Wozniak again asks that Jobs credit the Apple II team during the presentation, and again he refuses. Sculley arrives in secret and the two make amends.

Jobs and Sculley discuss Jobs' life as an adopted child, and Jobs admits that his need for control stems from his feelings of powerlessness in being given up.

At the behest of Hoffman, Jobs apologizes to Lisa for his mistakes and accepts that he is her father, admitting that he is "poorly made.

Sony Pictures acquired the rights to Isaacson's book in October , hiring Aaron Sorkin to adapt it. However, Sorkin has stated that much of the dialogue is fiction.

After Sorkin's completion of the script in January , development on the project began to heat up when David Fincher entered negotiations to direct the film, [20] with Fincher selecting Christian Bale as his choice for Jobs.

Following the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack in December , Sony emails were leaked which revealed casting demands as cause of delay in the film's production.

Also revealed in the emails were the details that Tom Cruise , Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron were at one point met with to discuss potential roles in the film.

Natalie Portman entered into negotiations for a role in November , [32] but withdrew from the film in December.

Principal photography began on January 16, , at Jobs's childhood home in Los Altos, California , [43] with additional scenes shot throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

On January 29, , filming continued at Flint Center, De Anza college the location of the original unveiling of the Macintosh in Davies Symphony Hall , and the Civic Center.

To distinguish each of the three product launches depicted in the movie, Danny Boyle and cinematographer Alwin Küchler implemented three different film formats: 16mm for , 35mm for , and digital for They also wanted each of the film's three time periods to visually reflect Jobs' own development at the time.

The third act, shot with an Arri Alexa at the Davies Symphony Hall , incorporated an aesthetic and color palette that were intended to be representative of Jobs' own design philosophies of the iMac and subsequent Apple hardware.

Küchler describes his experience filming Steve Jobs as "brilliant and challenging at the same time", and that the goal was to "make sure that the visuals kept up with the words", in reference to the production's collaboration between Boyle and Sorkin.

Costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb says the real Jobs never wore his trademark turtleneck jumper at any of the launches: "The turtleneck was the off book decision.

In those 3 actual launches, in real life, he never wore that. We made it for him as a back up idea in case we needed to adhere to it.

As we got closer to the time of filming, I thought we'd set up rules for , we'd set up rules for — there's so much of the film that's about design and he was about design.

London-based studio Union created the film's visual effects. During the one-week rehearsal that took place in between production for each of the three acts shot in chronological order , Graham worked on the existing footage and received ongoing feedback from Boyle in the editing room.

In an interview with Variety , Graham said a particular challenge for him was balancing the shot frequency and providing enough "visual interventions" to control for Sorkin's dialogue-heavy screenplay.

He described approaching each scene as "a series of fight sequences". Michael Fassbender provided multiple versions of his performance as Jobs, which Graham and Boyle then chose from during post-production.

He would say 'if I'm with you the whole time, we'll always have the same opinions because we're on the exact same journey.

Daniel Pemberton composed the music for the film. Much like the film's visual approach, the score is divided into three distinguishable sections, each corresponding to the intended feel of the act in which the section is heard.

The second act's score is more operatic in nature, matching the setting of the San Francisco Opera House. Finally, the third act featured a more introspective score produced entirely digitally to complement its backdrop of the iMac product launch, and Pemberton correspondingly used his own iMac to compose this section.

The Maccabees' "Grew Up At Midnight", the song that played during the film's concluding scene, was reportedly chosen by Danny Boyle himself, who is a fan of the band.

Other songs were considered for the final scene, even Pemberton's own score before the song was chosen. The physical releases contain a minute making-of documentary , Inside Jobs: The Making of Steve Jobs , chronicling the production of the film.

On November 10, , just over two weeks after its wide release, Universal pulled the film from 2, theaters in the United States.

The website's critical consensus reads, "Like the tech giant co-founded by its subject, Steve Jobs gathers brilliant people to deliver a product whose elegance belies the intricate complexities at its core.

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter said Boyle's "electric" direction "temperamentally complements Sorkin's highly theatrical three-act study" and praised Fassbender in the role, who "doesn't closely physically resemble the man, [yet] he fully delivers the essentials of how we have come to perceive the man.

Sorkin is not trying to do anything but write in his own style, thus this film and its exceptional dialogue leaves its mark as profoundly as Jobs himself left his.

Benjamin Lee of The Guardian gave the film three out of five stars, writing that "despite the film constantly informing you of just how incredibly important everything all is, it's disappointingly difficult to truly care about what's taking place.

Danny Boyle , the film's director, speaking on the creative liberties he took with portraying Steve Jobs said, "[it] was what Shakespeare used to do.

He would take some of the facts about a man of power and he would guess at a lot of the rest and just gotten away at actually getting at the human in it.

And that's what's wonderful about the writing I think, is that it acknowledges the people who disliked Steve Jobs, the people he hurt.

But in the end, he brings it back to a very simple father-daughter relationship that he has to admit that he has made some of the most beautiful things in the world.

John Sculley praised Jeff Daniels ' portrayal of him, but claims the film misrepresented Apple 's success with the Mac , and argues that Jobs was "much nicer" than depicted.

That wasn't his character, and the events didn't happen. You think of Jobs having a reality distortion field. I think of Aaron Sorkin as having Atkinson said that "the only thing he got right in that movie" was the "spot on" depiction of Hoffman, including her accent and how she "tried to rein in Steve from Steve Wozniak who consulted with Sorkin before he had written the screenplay commented on a trailer released on July 1, , that he does not "talk that way I would never accuse the graphical interface of being stolen.

I never made comments to the effect that I had credit genius taken from me The lines I heard spoken were not things I would say but carried the right message, at least partly I felt a lot of the real Jobs in the trailer, although a bit exaggerated.

Wozniak specifically mentioned that he never requested Jobs to acknowledge the Apple II team onstage, as was shown in the movie.

However, he added that Jobs did purportedly show a lack of respect towards the group. When asked about the accuracy of the film's portrayal of Jobs, Wozniak replied: "In real life, to real people, that's the way he could be, very sharp, although never quite as much as in the movie.

Edwin Catmull , president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios , felt that Jobs would "be appalled" at his depiction in the film, arguing that he was a kinder person later in life than is portrayed in the picture.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Catmull commented, "When [Jobs] left Apple, he then entered into what really is the classic hero's journey : He's wandering in the wilderness, he's working with NeXT, it's not working.

He's working with Pixar, we're failing. In that process, Steve learned some major lessons, and he changed. He became an empathetic person, [ It's an incredible character study of a really complex man.

Aaron [Sorkin] and Danny Boyle did a fabulous job with it. La voce della demo del computer non riesce a dire "ciao" e Jobs richiede all'ingegnere Andy Hertzfeld di ripararlo, minacciando di umiliarlo pubblicamente nella presentazione, mentre lui suggerisce di falsificare la demo usando il prototipo del futuro Macintosh K.

Jobs poi discute di politica aziendale con il CEO John Sculley ; Jobs ammette che il suo bisogno di controllo deriva dai suoi sentimenti di impotenza generati dall'essere abbandonato dai genitori naturali.

Wozniak ammette la sua frustrazione con Jobs e mette in discussione i suoi contributi; Jobs paragona il suo ruolo a quello di un direttore d'orchestra, quello che dirige i "musicisti" come Wozniak.

Jobs sta avendo un battibecco con Lisa, che ha permesso alla Brennan di vendere la casa comprata per loro. Wozniak chiede ancora una volta che Jobs dia credito al team Apple II in occasione del lancio, ma Jobs rifiuta.

Sculley poi arriva in segreto e i due fanno ammenda. Un'esasperata Hoffman insiste sul fatto che Jobs debba risolvere le cose con Lisa.

Le riprese del film iniziano il 16 gennaio nella casa di Jobs quando era bambino, a Los Altos , in California [1]. Altre riprese vengono effettuate nella San Francisco Bay Area [2].

Davies Symphony Hall ed il Civic Center, e proseguono fino a marzo [5]. Le riprese terminano il 10 aprile dopo alcune scene aggiuntive girate nuovamente nella San Francisco Bay Area [6].

Il primo teaser trailer del film viene diffuso il 17 maggio tramite il canale YouTube della Universal Pictures [8]. Dopo la presentazione al Telluride Film Festival, il 5 settembre , i principali siti cinematografici statunitensi hanno accolto positivamente la pellicola [9].

Todd McCarthy, dell' Hollywood Reporter , elogia l'interpretazione di Fassbender [13] , mentre Gregory Ellwood di HitFix si complimenta con tutto il cast secondario [14].

Brian Formo di Collider definisce il film "una locomotiva, diretto con sicurezza, interpretato splendidamente e montato magnificamente, con una sceneggiatura mozzafiato, acuta ma anche estenuante e dolorosamente circolare" [15].

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Steve Jobs. In the same interview, Fernandez and Kottke commented on the characterization of Rod Holt portrayed by actor Ron Eldard.

Kottke disputed the characterization, noting that: "What completely cracked us all up is the scene where Rod arrives for the first time. Rod comes up wearing leathers, riding up on a motorcycle with long hair It just cracked us all up.

Holt, however, according to Kottke , "thought it was hilarious. And I never saw him riding one, but he talked about it all the time.

So the author just had him riding up on a motorcycle. I liked that guy. I met him on the set. I had no idea who he was when I met him because he doesn't look at all like Rod, he has long straight hair and he's wearing leathers.

It seems to me that there's a lot of fan fiction about Apple Computer and about Steve Jobs, and I think that this is the biggest, flashiest piece of fan fiction that there's been to date.

But I can say that I enjoyed watching the film. A number of classic rock , classical music , and contemporary works appeared in the film.

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Steve Jobs (1/10) Movie CLIP - Fix the Voice Demo (2015) HD Box Office Mojo. We have to keep that in mind. Download Der Tag Danach Deutsch Ganzer Film PDF Printable version. Sundance Institute. Ashton stood frozen Taxi Teile the chaos staring right in his face which helped us capture what Steve Jobs must have felt on his visit to India. Retrieved November 10, Box office Mojo. Retrieved April 30, Archived from the original on November 10, Steve Jobs (Film) Hacksaw Ridge. Szene Schicksal Und Plötzlich Ist Alles Anders "Steve Jobs" : Joanna threatens Vodafone 24h Livestream quit. Saving Mr. Sarah Snook. Beruflich erlebt Söderholm ebenso herrische wie visionäre Jobs also einige Turbulenzen — und privat auch. Blackbird - Eine Familiengeschichte Einen erneuten Versuch stellt nun der Film Steve Jobs dar, in dem sich Regisseur Danny Boyle und Drehbuchautor Aaron Sorkin — basierend. Nach dem Tod des Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs widmet sich das Biopic aus der Feder von Aaron Sorkin dem späten Leben des berühmten Unternehmers. jOBS – Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs. 2 Std. 7 nach wahren Begebenheiten. Das Technologie-Genie Steve Jobs steigt vom. Jobs tritt als Cheerleader seines total genialen, aber etwas unbeholfenen Jugendfreundes Wozniak auf und überredet ihn, mit ihm Apple zu gründen. Die Kunst zu gewinnen - Moneyball. Deine Bewertung. Nutzer haben The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Stream. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Produktionsland USA.


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